• Bourgeois Blues
  • by Jake Lamar
  • (1991)

Bourgeois Blues is a stunning memoir of a gifted young middle-class black man and his struggle to succeed in white America. Born in 1961, Jake Lamar was unable to escape a heritage of racism despite being well-educated and accomplished. Here Lamar, a former associate editor for Time magazine illuminates the ironies of integration and America's history of prejudice.

  • Reviews
  • "A knockout debut. The recollection of well-to-do African-American childhood marred by family discord is as taut as the spriest novel and as revealing as many a hefty sociological tome."
  • --Seattle Times
  • "Resonates with the time-honored search for truth."
  • --New York Times Book Review
  • "Dickensian in its power."
  • --Atlanta Journal Constitution
  • "On this subject it's a relief to read somebody who doesn't consider it their first task to make you feel at ease."
  • --Christopher Hitchens, Newsday

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