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Jake Lamar's Viper's Dream a Success in Three Markets

Entrée to Black Paris, October 2023

"When I learned that People magazine ranked Jake Lamar's Viper's Dream Number 6 out of 35 books to read in October 2023, I immediately contacted Lamar to ask for an interview.  I've read - and loved - all his books, and Viper's Dream was no exception."

Marcus Bruce interviews Jake Lamar at the American Library

Entrée to Black Paris, May 2023

"Watching the two men banter was heartwarming, and their exchange made the book come alive for those seated in the audience at the library as well as those who tuned in through Zoom."

Interview with American Writer Jake Lamar

FUSAC - Bill & Rosa's Book Room, Mai 2 2022

"American writer Jake Lamar visited Bill & Rosa’s Book Room on March 12 to discuss his latest novel, Viper’s Dream."

Part 1

Part 2

Is Paris Still a Haven for Black Americans?

Smithsonian Magazine Journeys, April 23, 2015

"The City of Light once drew thousands of black expats across the Atlantic, but does it still have the same appeal?"

Paris and Writers: An Interview with Jake Lamar, Novelist & Playwright

Bonjour Paris, August 2015

"What first brought you to Paris? And what has kept you here all these years?"

Brothers In Exile: Three African-American Writers in Paris

Entrée to Black Paris, February 2015

"To celebrate Black History Month this year, the American Library [in Paris] has mounted an exhibit that features...

Postérité: A Review

Entrée to Black Paris, February 5, 2015

"...this is the first book by Jake that has been released in French prior to being published in English."

Midcentury Expressionist Drama, Novelized

hyperallergic.com, September 10, 2014

"...spoke to him about his new novel, Postérité…" by Joseph Nechvatal

Black Writers at Festival America

Entrée to Black Paris, September 2014

"Festival America is an event that features the literature and culture of…"

James Baldwin’s Paris

Ellery Washington, New York Times, January 17, 2014

"I invited the African American expatriate novelist — and Baldwin enthusiast — Jake Lamar to join me at Les Deux Magots..."

Au Revoir, Village Voice Bookshop!

Livia Manera, newyorker.com, June 27, 2012

"The Village Voice Bookshop, on the Rue Princesse in Paris, announced that it will..."

Let's Not Forget: A Reality Check for Americans

Denise Dennis, huffingtonpost.com, November 4, 2011

When and how our current economic decline really began.

Black Paris Profiles™: Jake Lamar

Monique Wells, Entrée to Black Paris, November 3, 2011

Find out what twists and turns Jake's career has taken in the last seven years...

A Life in Paris

Joel Dreyfuss, The Root, March 18, 2010

Author Jake Lamar followed in the footsteps of James Baldwin and settled in the City of Lights.

Literary Rentrée

Bonjour Paris, September 26, 2005

Literary Rentrée celebrates American Author Jake Lamar